Your business and business processes are dynamic and ever changing. Things happen not in sequences as you would like but are asynchronous in nature. Therefore, the automation of your business process needs to reflect the same dynamic environment.

Phora Group brings asynchronous processes into your business process automation with iPhora Async, a secure, asynchronous, event-driven add-on to iPhora Foundation, Phora Group's primary application platform for collaboration and business process management (BPM). iPhora Async allows organizations to integrate external cloud-based services into their core business processes in a secure and controlled environment. iPhora Async works with the iPhora Proviso technology, a core component of iPhora Foundation, to define the routing, security and data exchange for external events that are processed by third-party providers.

iPhora Async allows the business process designer to define the external event processes independent of protocol or services needed to connect to third-party providers, thus creating an abstraction layer for designers. iPhora Async can be used for both synchronous or asynchronous processes.

To learn more about iPhora Async, contact a Phora Group representative.