A business process may be as simple as routing a single document to multiple reviewers, or it may involve complex branching, multiple attachments, sub-processes, and the need to integrate with outside web-services, such as shipping services (UPS, FedEx, DHL) or electronic signature services (DocuSign).

The most difficult and tedious task in business process automation is defining the workflow process. While most processes appear simple and straightforward initially, further research invariably reveals a substantial number of exceptions and special situations, which require thorough understanding prior to implementation. At Phora Group, we are rarely tied to a single approach and find that flexibility combined with a relentless approach to optimization is the keyto success. If at some point in the development process, a particular design becomes unworkable, we continue to seek alternate approaches.

This is where the work of the business process analyst is required and where a customizable and versatile tool, such as iPhora Process Automation, shines. Phora Group has on staff a team of business process analysts, who work closely with your organization to understand and define your process. Each team member has years of experience in business process analysis, workflow automation, and iPhora technology. They are skilled at interacting with clients to translate complex and often undocumented processes into a detailed iPhora workflow definition, ready for implementation.

iPhora provides a complete tool set for converting a workflow definition into a efficient, functioning web-based application. It includes role-based access control, branching, archiving, custom notification messages (which may include attachments), history, chat, comments, and advanced API for adding highly specialized functionality. When combined with iPhora AppPlace platform, the result is complete solution.