Many companies have made huge investments in building business-critical applications using IBM Notes, and these companies are now facing the daunting prospect of having to rewrite those applications for the web. iPhora Domino Transformer is a versatile addition to the iPhora infrastructure that enables iPhora Foundation to pull data from your existing Notes client applications and deliver that data using a sleek, modern Web-based user interface via iPhora Touch. It works with your existing Domino applications, including traditional Notes-client applications, so there is no need to rewrite them for the web, and the resulting application functions smoothly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Data Access

iPhora Domino Transformer is a Domino application and as such, it can seamlessly access Domino databases (NSF files). This data is then made available either through the iPhora Touch interface or your own custom UI for web access. Virtually all types of traditional Notes/Domino data can be displayed on the web using iPhora Domino Transformer, and data access can be controlled at the field level, document level, and view level.

Complete User Interface

The iPhora Touch UI provides a full featured and customizable web interface to display your applications. It does all the work of user authentication and user management, providing a set of built-in tools for handling log-in, password reset, pin-reset, auto lockout, email notifications, personal photo upload, and more. Authentication can be based on your existing Domino Directory or LDAP directory, and support for outside user accounts is also provided. You can combine iPhora Domino Transformer with the iPhora Touch platform and integrate collaboration and sharing capabilities to your existing application.

Data Security

iPhora safeguards your data. The fundamental problem with conventional Domino web access is security: in order to allow access to even one document, the entire database has to allow web access. With iPhora Transformer, your databases are never directly exposed to the web. In fact, you can turn off web access to those databases. All outside access is brokered by iPhora. Only the data you authorize is pulled and sent to web browsers. iPhora's security protocol determines which data is sent to which users, as well as which users can modify data.

Future Upgrade Path

iPhora Domino Transformer transitions your application to a JSON RESTful service with a modern secure Model-View-Controller interface to deliver your application. Your data store remains in your original NSF database format. Optionally, this can be transformed into a JSON-based NoSQL database architecture that can allow you to transition your data to other NoSQL technologies in the future, while it functions as a secure, iPhora solution today.

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