iPhora® AppPlace

Team collaboration platform that brings the power of cloud services together with the applications in your private cloud or on-premises solution, giving you control of your data in a single cohesive environment.

Create team collaboration with chat and meeting services of your choosing


Coming soon: Webex , Jitsi , HCL Sametime

Team Collaboration

When your business requires a secure and private team collaboration environment, iPhora AppPlace provides the tools you need in a single cohesive solution. iPhora AppPlace brings together the best cloud services with your internal services and applications, resulting in a secure collaborative environment to share your data and applications.

No-code / Low-code Apps

iPhora AppBuilder empowers business users and developers to quickly create and deploy custom applications to address the ever-changing needs of their business. These applications run within your iPhora AppPlace and are quickly available to users. With visual tools for creating forms, components, and workflows. iPhora AppBuilder allows users to create powerful applications without coding.

Process Automation

iPhora Process Automation extends the capabilities of iPhora AppBuilder to allow business users and developers to automate very complex business processes. iPhora Process Automation provides tools to create custom actions, events, and triggers, all of which can then be added to your component library within iPhora AppBuilder.

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