Automation of complex business and workflow processes require solutions that are flexible and scalable to match the requirements that they bring. These processes are usually critical to the operations of your business and therefore require tools that are designed to securely manage the data throughout the process. iPhora Foundation brings these enterprise tools together in cost effective one package that includes:

  • Roles and permission based workflow and process
  • Dynamic roles and permission based workflow content
  • Built-in full feature business process and workflow management
  • Customized roles and and permission based email and process notifications
  • Two factor authentication for sensitive workflow processes
  • Dynamic control of user access to data throughout the workflow process
  • Full process transaction logging for to meet compliance and audits
  • Asynchronous and sycnchronous event-based triggers to include external services into the process
  • Process-driven access control of related documents and files

To learn more about Process Automation with iPhora Foundation, contact a Phora Group representative.

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