In a world where outside parties Security First approach to all our products and service.Phora Group provides services and solutions that help grow your business and get the most out of your existing resources. We focus on understanding your business needs, business processes, and how your current technology solutions are being utilized. We work with you to identify appropriate and cost-effective solutions that work within your existing business environment, solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure. Our services include:

Business Process Automation and Design

Phora Group has been working with organizations to analyze and automate their business processes since 2003. Phora Group's team of business process analysts work closely with your organization to understand and define your process. Each team member has years of experience in business process analysis and workflow automation. They are skilled at interacting with clients to translate complex and often undocumented processes into a detailed business process and workflow definition, ready for implementation. with Phora Group iPhora technology.

Custom iPhora Solutions

Are you looking to rapidly develop secure enterprise solutions? Are you looking to develop solutions that addresses complex business processes? Phora Group has the solution for you. Utilizing our iPhora Foundation and iPhora Touch platforms, Phora Group can rapidly develop your application that is enterprise ready with enterprise level security to keep your business data safe.

OEM Services

As a solution provider to your customer, the inclusion of purpose driven social collaboration can help maximize the effectiveness of your product and services by enhancing communication between users. iPhora Touch OEM provides you a wealth of collaborative API services that you can incorporate into your solution.

iPhora Domino Transformation Services

Want to maximize your investment in your Notes application and extend them as modern Web application? The iPhora Domino Transformation Services uses the iPhora Domino Transformer toolset to pull data from your existing Notes/Domino applications and deliver it through a sleek, modern Web-based user interface resulting in a user experience that functions smoothly on desktops and mobile devices.