The Visual Process Designer, which is included in iPhora AppBuilder, can handle a wide variety of tasks, such as automating a supply chain process or an inventory RMA process However, there are special situations involving complex processes where the standard component library may not be sufficient. In this case you may need the ability to create custom components specific to your organization.

iPhora Process Automation iprovides the framework to create, add, and register custom components into your existing components library, where they are available for use in any process flow. Upon registering your custom components, the iPhora opus4 Node Processor recognizes them as a valid components. They will then appear in the Component Palette of the Visual Process Designer, just like the standard components. With iPhora Process Automation, developers can use JavaScript/Node, LotusScript, or Java to incorporate complex business logic into the component.

iPhora Process Automation also adds additional features to the Visual Process Designer to better organize complex processes, including the ability to create and use Action Streams.

Building Action Streams

An Action Stream is a collection of actions, connectors and events that is created to carry out a specific set of operations. Action streams are reusable, and they can be added to your component library for use in any process. Action Streams can be cloned and modified for repurposing. Any updates to an action stream automatically apply to any process that utilizes that action stream.