Application Access and Security

No code solutions that allow business users to create their own applications can be a source of grave concern for IT administrators, leading to many questions: What happens to the data that is generated and do we have control over it? How is the contact data and data privacy handled? Will we be fined with data privacy violations? Is the data secure? Is access to the application secure? Did the business users create JavaScript snippets that may breach our security?

Application Privacy

Applications created using iPhora AppBuilder run seamlessly in the iPhora AppPlace environment, adhering to the same multi-tier security model and privacy architecture found in any iPhora-based application. Administrators can rest assured that company data is secure and private. All applications created using iPhora AppBuilder that involve subject data are implemented using specialized components that work with our PKI technology to protect the personal information of users and contacts. All applications adhere to the strict requirements of iPhora application security.