NoSQL database technology is one of the most popular database formats with over a dozen vendors providing solutions. Some solutions deliver great performance, but sacrifices data security in order to deliver this performance. At Phora Group we understand that database performance is important, but not at the sacrifice of data security. Our motto is "Security First."

iPhoraDB is built ontop of a secure and proven IBM database platform with additional iPhora user access control and security that brings data security to a new level. iPhoraDB uses a JSON-based database structure stored within secure containers to isolate, organize, and safeguard your data while giving you the flexible of NoSQL to store your data.

Files within iPhoraDB are stored with multi-level of encryption to ensure that your data is safe and secured. Only authorized user with proper access at that moment will have access to the files. All data in iPhoraDB are stored in security containers that are partitioned down to the sub-field level to limit user access of sensitive data. Users can never directly access any data within iPhoraDB. Users are evaluated in real-time by the security gateway to determine whether the user has access to the data at that moment in time.

To learn more about iPhoraDB, contact a Phora Group representative.