Keeping Personal Information Private

The nightmare scenario of having to protect the personal information of every single user and contact is now a problem facing all administrators. With multiple data privacy laws in multiple jurisdictions worldwide -- and more coming everyday, your team needs to be using tools that are fully compliant with those laws. Because it is so difficult to control the contact information that your users are entering in your systems, and those contacts may reside anywhere in the world, you and your organization may be subject to those regulations, regardless of how small or large you are, or where you are located. If you are not in compliance, it just a matter of time before fines will be issued.

iPhora PKI

Phora Group's iPhora platform and solutions have been designed from the ground up to address data privacy compliance. All applications developed in the iPhora AppPlace ecosystem stores personal data using our PKI technology allowing for easy removal of subject data from generated content. iPhora AppPlace connectors to cloud services are designed to obfuscate user identify information whenever possible to ensure privacy.