Tailoring Your Experience

Not all workers are "Knowledge Workers", and not all workers need the full the range of collaboration tools. For example, manufacturing staff, shipping / distribution staff, and external vendors may need to access only certain information and may have no need for chat or meetings. Rather than have an interface cluttered with features and applications that are used, iPhora AppPlace provides administrators and place managers with the ability to customize the environment to match their needs, allowing users to focus on their core work.

Place Managers can turn on / off a variety of features that are available in each place or channel, including modifying the home page to reflect a specific application that has been added to a Place. They can add applications that administrators have included from the iPhora AppStore and have made available for use in places and channels. Theses applications may also include internal custom applications that business users/developers have created and published for use with places and channels. Click here to learn more on how you can create your own applications.